ipTEST UIS Test Generator

Product Features


Avalanche can occur in MOSFETs during inductive load switching. The large currents being generated cause high temperatures within the device and can lead to device destruction.

UIS Features:
  • Programmable current trip capability from 1A to 200A
  • Charge voltage can be greater than BVDSS of DUT for fast charging
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection
  • Energy cut-off mode
  • Fast go/no-no production mode
  • Compatible with MOSFET and Diodes
Key Specs:
  • Up to 2.3kV and 200A
  • Programmable load inductors from 12.5μH to 25mH
    • Expandable to 187Mh
  • 12 bit, 25ns resolution dual channel waveform capture
Principal Tests:
  • IAR Avalanche Current
  • EAS Single Pulse Avalanche Energy
  • EAR Repetitive Pulse
    Avalanche Energy