ipTEST DS5 Dynamic Switching Test Generator

Product Features


SiC and GaN devices are revolutionising power electronics due to their faster switching times and lower energy losses. The DS5 Dynamic Switch Generator has been built with the lowest parasitics to test the most demanding devices in production environments.

The M2 DS5 dynamic switch generator is one of the Mostrak-2 (M2) family of test generators from ipTEST. The DS5 generator provides the architecture for a complete dynamic switch test cell. GaN and SiC devices can provide up to 10x the performance of silicon devices due to lower conduction and switching losses. This enables higher switching frequencies resulting in smaller and more efficient end products. ipTEST are meeting the challenge of testing these leading edge products with the DS5 test generator. Our engineering team works closely with our customers and we can provide DS5 application adaptors to measure high speed switching waveforms for today’s most challenging GaN and SiC devices.

ipTEST DS5 Features:
  • Selectable inductive loads
  • Programmable gate drive
  • Programmable gate resistance
  • High speed waveform capture
Key Specs:
  • 1.2kV/1000A dynamic switch tests
  • Double-pulse inductive load and Diode Recovery testing up to 1000A
  • Short circuit testing up to 1700A
Principal Tests: Single & Double Pulse Test

  • On/Off times
  • Rise/Fall times
  • Switching Energy

Diode Recovery

  • Trr, Irr, Qrr Short Circuit
  • Isc