Ip TEST Rg Test Generator

Product Features


Faults in the processing of the gate region on a Power MOSFET may cause increased gate resistance leading to device failures in the field. The ipTEST Rg test generator performs an AC test to measure the gate resistance and capacitance of MOSFET and IGBT devices.

ipTEST Rg Features:
  • Accurate measurement of gate resistance and capacitance
  • Fast DSP analysis of current and voltage waveforms
  • Open / Short / Kelvin test
  • Rapid test time, typically <25ms
  • Dual-device application adaptor available
  • 8 additional relay drive outputs
    Compact dimensions
Key Specs:
  • Frequency: 0.9766MHz
  • Gate Voltage: 2V pk-pk Max
  • Drain Bias: ±30V Max
  • Gate Bias: Gate Bias: ± 10V