ipTEST M2 HV/LV Test Generator

Product Features


Speed is everything in production environments. Throughput is the most critical factor for ensuring economic success of a new device.

Our M2 tester is the fastest production line tester on the market. Our goal is to help you achieve new standards in UPH.

The IpTEST systems test all discrete power devices including, MOSFETs, IGBTs, Bipolar, Diodes, SCRs and TRIACs, as well as newer highspeed, low-loss, wide-bandgap devices using SiC and GaN. Our global customer base of leading Silicon Device Manufacturers rely on ipTEST systems to perform round the clock testing of their discrete power semiconductor products. They trust us to ensure their devices receive robust and consistent quality control

HV/LV Features:
  • Future-proof modular design for reliability & easy servicing
  • STDF data logging & analysis
  • Part Average Testing
  • Built-in waveform capture for fast test program development
  • Automatic self-calibration
Key Specs:
  • 3kV with optional 10kV extension
  • 200A expandable to 1000A
  • 1mOhm RDSon capable
  • 100nA low current measure range
  • Thermal die attach test (50V/20A/25ms)
Principal Tests: Single & Double Pulse Test

  • On/Off times
  • Rise/Fall times
  • Switching Energy

Diode Recovery

  • -HV – Off state tests:
    BVDSS, IDSS, IGSS etc.
  • LV – On-state tests:
    Rds(on), Vds(on), Gfs etc.