Product Features


Automatic four-probe station for measuring the resistivity and surface resistance by the four-probe method (Kelvin method) according to ASTM F84-99 standard. The unit is equipped with a thermostatically controlled plate holder, which allows measurements at different temperatures, as well as to measure the temperature coefficient of resistance. Based on the measurement results, 3D diagrams of the distribution of the investigated parameter over the surface of the plate are constructed.


● Thermostated sample holder with a temperature range from +10 to +200 ° С

● Carrying out measurements according to ASTM F84-99

● Replaceable four-probe measuring head

● Construction of 2D / 3D diagrams based on measurement results

● Measurements of temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR)

● Easy creation of automatic measurement tests

Data Sheet


Chuck diameter: 200 mm
XYZ chuck movement range: 250х250х50 mm
Moving permission: 1 µm
Drive type: Linear
Chuck temperature range: min +10°С, max +200°С
Heating rate: 30 °С/min
Surface resistance measurement range: 10-3 ~ 108  Ohm/square
Measurement accuracy: 1%
Measurement speed: 50 points per minute
Dimensions (WxDxH): 1050 х 850 х 1430 mm
Weight: 450 kg
Power supply: 220 V, 50-60 Hz