Product Features


● Fully Shielding Testing Chamber
Fully Shielding Chamber provide high precision testing result. Configure with standard chuck with upgrades to coaxial or triaxial for low-leakage current tests.
Moreover, the electrical testing with the APT probes and the fully shielding chamber achieve the Ultra low-leakage probe station.

● Multi DUT Testing System
Multi DUT testing System provide user flexible electrical testing condition on different DUTs.
While build model card extraction and FAT with Multi DUT Testing Systems can achieve the experiment more efficiency and flexible.

● Low Leakage Performance
Low Leakage Performance dominates the low current testing results.
With Fully Shielding Testing Chamber and Kelvin Probes
Testing System easily achieve the 10fA low leakage @ 0V bias.

Data Sheet


Weight: 1600KG
Dimensions (WxDxH): 2550mm (W) x 1530mm (D) x 1601mm (H)
XYZ microscope travel range: 160mm (X) x 160mm (Y) x 40mm (Z)